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Stewart Edmondson, August Moon, 2012

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“i bet you cant name two structures that can hold water!” “well, dam”
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Seize the Day was a calendar program made by in 1994 by Buena Vista software. It features graphics that at the time, were revolutionary because of the way they handled color cycling. These images were static bitmaps, but by changing color values, they appear animated. What is also impressive about these images is that they had full day night cycles built in, rendered also through color cycling.
A few years ago, a html5 version was made. A copy was uncovered online and there is a way to use the program through DOSbox. As well, one of the original programmers for the project, Iam Gilman, has thought of the idea of remaking it, open sourced, for modern machines.
Dara O' Briain: Video games do a thing that no other industry does
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Nintendo knew what was up. Get sent to your room? ha.

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Awesome nature sounds generator.

You can choose any combination of sounds you like - for example, fire + wind in leaves + forest birds - and click “Export to file” to save it on your computer.

The internet literally has everything I’ll ever need. 
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This Norwegian Engineer Is Creating Some Creepy Transformer-Like Robots…

Click below to see these crazy robots in action...
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awww cute...
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